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Hi there.  Thanks for checking us out to learn a little bit more about our services  We want to take a moment to explain the process of working with us to plan your vacation.  You will receive the benefit of our knowledge, service, expertise, and we are there for you throughout the entire trip from the research and planning, through to getting you home, in case there are any speed bumps along the way.


We find out all about you, your travel history, must haves, nice to haves, food allergies, mobility restrictions, etc to accurately understand exactly what you are looking for and match you with the perfect destination, resort and local experiences. We will have lots of questions for you, and your answers will help us match you to the right experience. There are thousands of destinations, hotels and resorts out there, and we absolutely love helping you select the best options for you.


In terms of what we can offer that you cannot find online - the key factors are expertise, service, value and knowledge. 


Due to the nature of travel in the new era, in order to enter into a research and travel management agreement with our clients - after a complimentary zoom or telephone consultation - our professional fees will be collected up-front, starting from:

Flights only: $100+HST per person travelling

All-Inclusive: $100 - $200 + HST per person (Family rate $500-$700 + HST)

All-inclusive Groups (6 or more people): $100 + HST per person

Cruises: $100 - $250 +HST per person  (Family rate $500-$750 + HST)

Customized Itinerary:  $500 - $750 + HST

Our professional fees include researching and recommending the best destinations and properties that would work for you as well as recommending the most suitable insurance policy for your needs. Most importantly, we also help navigate the ever changing rules to travel, along with the latest updates and terms and conditions from the tour operators and the resorts, and the entry requirements per destination. Our services will include 3-4 itinerary options based on your needs, preferences, budget and special requests.  We will also assist in highlighting the cancellation/change policies with each tour operator, resort and country.

Still like the idea of booking your own travel online?

Know Before You Go Kit:  $99+HST  Includes a pdf of FAQ's re DIY Travel, plus a 30 minute Zoom call to review any additional questions you may have.

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