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agent-Judith Coates

Judith Coates

I've been a Travel Professional for over 25 years and my passion is to plan "ideal" vacations for my clients, to exotic locations like Africa, Israel, Jordan, Turkey, Greece and Italy. My love for travel and my first hand knowledge of destinations has earned me recognition as an...

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agent-Patricia Bootsma

Patricia Bootsma

Hi there! I'm Trish Bootsma, and if there's one thing you should know about me, it's that I live and breathe travel. Whether it's exploring new cultures, embarking on ethical adventures, or setting sail on a cruise ship, you can bet I'm all in. I love specializing in group trave...

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agent-Elena Cortesi

Elena Cortesi

My name is Elena Cortesi and I am a native Italian who has been living in Toronto, Canada since 1973. I have an academic background in Italian and French and my career experiences include various marketing and managerial roles in travel, technology, jewellery, health and nutritio...

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agent-Sarah Bencic

Sarah Bencic

Sarah brings a fun, upbeat & unique approach to travel and planning, she excels at out-of-the-box thinking to deal with the challenges that come up in this fast-paced industry. Sarah has finished her Disney College of Knowledge certification, You can connect with her for any of ...

  • 807-623-8001 | 416-367-8264 EXT 3420
agent-Jeanette Minaker

Jeanette Minaker

I am passionate about people. I believe in real conversations, and building real relationships with everyone who I meet. I am committed to helping you fill your bucket list or to just get away.

  • 416-367-8264 EXT. 3124
agent-Mary Spinelli

Mary Spinelli

I have a passion for creating memorable, fun and unforgettable experiences for my customers. I want to make planning effortless and worry free.

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agent-Lisa Sladen

Lisa Sladen

My journey in the world of travel isn't just a profession—it's a calling. There's nothing more fulfilling than witnessing the joy and wonder that travel brings to people's lives. Bringing to the table 15 years of Project Management expertise, I thrive on orchestrating seamless an...

  • 416-999-1603 | 416-367-8264 EXT 3718
agent-Natalie Valois

Natalie Valois

I'm a lifelong travel enthusiast with an extensive background in the travel industry, here to help with all your travel and getaway needs! I'm just a click away!

  • 705-791-1707 | 416-367-8264 EXT 3626
agent-Kathy Campbell

Kathy Campbell

Kathy is a travel enthusiast who enjoys helping her clients make wonderful memories during their travel experiences. She loves to be part of the dreaming process, with a focus on exploration and discovery, and she goes the extra mile to make sure that their travel experience exce...

  • 705-717-4970 | 416-367-8264 EXT 3538
agent-Shannon Stewart

Shannon Stewart

Hello My name is Shannon and my passion for travelling started 15 years ago on my first trip to the Dominican. After being bit by the travel bug, I decided I wanted to become a Travel Agent to help others make their travel dreams a reality. I love researching and planning all inc...

  • 289-219-0478
agent-Sharon Carey

Sharon Carey

As a travel advisor, I draw upon my 20 years of client management to curate meaningful vacations that immerse you in the heart of local culture. I do this by taking care of all the planning and logistics which gives you the much needed time to relax and savor the moment. I speci...

  • 647-285-2982 | 416-367-8264 EXT 3786
agent-Joshua Coates

Joshua Coates

I live for travel. The excitement of going to a different location, of discovering new foods, cultures and people. I believe that everyone should be able to have the best travel experience possible. Every person is unique, as should be their travel experience. I look forward to h...

  • 647-403-2625 | 416-367-8264 EXT 3794
agent-Chanelle Walsh

Chanelle Walsh

For me, traveling isn't just about taking pictures and checking places off a bucket list, it is choosing to invest in your most important relationships, deliberately slowing life down, and letting the magic of a place inspire you and breath fresh life into your spirit as well as ...

  • 613-720-9585
agent-Anita Horlings

Anita Horlings

I love the idea of being able to help others see the world and all the amazing places in it. I've personally travelled to several interesting places around the globe. Bringing that same awe and admiration to others' lives brings warmth and joy to my soul. Let me provide you the...

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